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Nonviolence in Action

No philosophy can survive in stagnation. Nonviolence is no exception. Through this page we bring you closer to active nonviolent campaigns that are using the Gandhian method with improvisations to seek social, political and economic change. We hope this page becomes a place where people interested in nonviolence can learn from real examples. If you would like to share your experiences of a nonviolent campaign then please do not hesitate to write to us at info@yidream.org.

Our main nonviolence page provides the theoretical framework for nonviolent campaigns. If you are interested in starting a nonviolent campaign and need help then do let us know. We have some useful resources at our disposal that we would be delighted to share with you. We hope the writings on this page inspire you to action.

Previous Samay Articles which profile nonviolent campaigns in action:

  • Right to Information - A Path to Swaraj
    by Shailesh Gandhi
    March 12, 2005
    The Right To Information is a pillar of democracy. Shailesh Gandhi talks of the critical role this Right plays in democracy and shares with us his own experiences in this battle.
  • Action in Sundernagari
    by Arvind Kejriwal
    March 12, 2005
    Mahatma Gandhi once said that non-cooperation with evil is as important as cooperation with good. Read this first-hand account of this nonviolent strategy in action today.Once again all this was possible because activists and citizens fought for the right to information.