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Rohit Tripathi

Mr.Tripathi is the founder and current President of Young India. He is also a Satellite Network Engineer at Hughes Network Systems in Germantown, Maryland.

Mr.Tripathi spent his early childhood in Maryland before his family moved back to New Delhi in 1983. Mr.Tripathi returned to the United States to earn a bachelor's and master's degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Mr.Tripathi comes from a family of social activists. His grandparents from both sides were active participants in the Indian independence movement and continued their socio-political engagement after independence as well. Rohit is greatly inspired by his father's dedication to the cause of social justice. His father is a physicist.

Mr.Tripathi has been an activist for almost a decade now. He was active during college years at Maryland where he organized various events ranging from Indo-Pak relations to Gandhi rememberances. He has spoken and conducted workshops on Gandhian NonViolent Transformation. He has been published in university papers as well as other newsletters. His mission today is to contribute to the understanding and development of democracy from a systemic perspective. And in this pursuit he finds Indo-US interaction at all levels indispensable.


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