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2004: India After the Verdict

The people of India have spoken. They have changed the perceived course of political history. Caught almost all pundits and experts on the wrong foot and have let the world know what they really want. This surprising outcome can be attributed to many factors. We begin our exploration of this verdict and hope that you will join us. It promises to be a fascinating journey in political education.

As always we hope that by undertaking such a journey many new undercurrents of democracy will be revealed. An understanding of them will help us improve democracy everywhere. We are confident that these revelations and lessons will enable this noble institution - democracy - that so many of us have collectively put our faith in to serve us all better. Never forgetting that we must serve it first through our participation.

This is what we have for you to better understand these results

Some General Information about Indian Politics

Political Parties and their candidates

  • The Indian National Congress (INC) - Leader of the winning coalition in 2004
  • Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) - Outgoing leader of the National Democratic Alliance
  • News Coverage and Analysis
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