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Young India was established based on the common intellectual and spiritual thread that ties the founders together: The desire to redeem the value of human life. Thus, Young India has, at its core, a simple, yet profound reason for existence:

Young India is an endeavor to affirm the value of human life by mass participation & empowerment through sustainable change at local & national levels.

It is essential to share with you what we mean by the “value” of human life. For us this “value” encompasses:

• Basic material independence
• Freedom of opportunity
• Pursuit of individual aspirations in social harmony

This is not a goal unique to us. It is the aspiration of millions. And how do we intend to achieve this?

Young India strives to affirm the Value of Human Life through a national consciousness that focuses politics on the aspirations of its citizens.

It is important here to clarify the term “national”. The founders have roots in India and thus India is their primary focus, but Not the only focus. In this increasingly globalized world it is myopic to think of issues as being purely national. The fate of democracy around the globe is not in the hands of any one democracy. It is how democracy fares across national borders that will eventually determine its fate. And in India we seek to nurture a nationalism that leads to internationalism. We not only hope for the same but also pledge our passionate solidarity with those engaged in materializing a similar dream anywhere else on the planet.

~ ~ ~

Officially, Young India came into being in December of 2002. But the founding members had long before starting laying the foundation. Over the past decade the founders have been engaged in ventures such as having their own newsletters for the youth, organizing various university events, helping to create coalitions on various issues of global importance, and being part of novel ventures to seek a sustainable peace.

In the summer of 2002 the founders-to-be decided that it was time to fuse the knowledge they had acquired through the varied experiences over the past decade. The result was an endeavor to create a space to enable us to imagine without boundaries. Our intellectual curiosity has preserved us as a species and it is essential for our ongoing evolution into a more peaceful and inquisitive global society.


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