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India: Our National Vision
A Young India Presentation

This national vision is hereby put into words to give us all the inspiration to materialize our ambitions for a greater India.

Our Nationhood:

The nationhood that our generation seeks to define will come from dedicating ourselves to the people of India regardless of religion, caste, language and gender. This will give rise to a nationalism that celebrates our national endeavor to create an India based on justice, freedom and opportunity. Thereby creating a nation that dignifies every human life. A nation where the sole concern of policymakers is to facilitate the realization of every individual’s potential. A nation whose patriotism is not defined by hatred towards anyone, but by a fellowship of service to ensure lives of dignity for all its citizens.

A nationhood that casts a shadow on the fundamental rights of any of our fellow-citizens needs to be out rightly rejected and one that celebrates us as one indivisible nation must be emphatically endorsed!

Our National Endeavor:

Our vision must be broad to ensure that it let’s us imagine without boundaries. At the same time our imagination must have a fundamental goal. A goal that defines our national existence. This national goal will give us the context for our national thought and action.

Our national goal consists of the following themes that provide the framework of action as we undertake this endeavor:

  • Democracy focused on the individual:
    Our democracy will empower its citizens. It will not treat individuals as having group identities, instead it will provide them with opportunities to explore and realize their own potential. Our democracy will uphold the value of human life as its paramount principle. To this effect, it will enable every individual to aspire in social harmony.

  • Fusion of governmental endeavor and citizens’ aspirations:
    It is essential for the success of our democracy that it be a partnership between the representatives and the citizens. Each partner has to meet its obligations. Citizens have to proactively contribute to the health of the democracy beyond the electoral process. The government on its part must be accessible to the people, be transparent in its functioning and facilitate direct participation of the citizenry through its policies.

  • Increased public participation by decentralized political power:
    Our political destiny will be judged by the degree to which our political system is responsive to us. Today that responsiveness is lacking. Decisions affecting communities cannot be governed alone by policy made a thousand kilometers away by people disconnected from the realities on the ground. Every community should play a pivotal role in the decision-making process. The government must provide adequate power and resources for the implementation of these indigenous ideas and schemes with the view of locally sustaining these efforts. The communities must also meet their solemn obligation. Accountability must be their greatest priority. Only then will our investment in democracy be truly vested.

  • The Youth owe it to the Nation:
    Every generation has a role to play in history. A century ago one of the greatest generations of Indians dedicated their lives to create a nation out of colonial ruin. The role we play today will define the India of tomorrow. Today the Nation demands the Youth to play their role in achieving the ideals of our new nationhood through service and active political engagement. The day each and every citizen has a sense of participation in this process of nation-building we will have served our role as a generation and made the founders of our republic proud. Until that sense of common purpose pervades, our job is not done.

  • India’s Global Destiny:
    India has had a historical role to play in world affairs. India, having achieved independence through the first ever non-violent mass movement for democracy, has an obligation to further the ideals of non-violence and democracy to all parts of the globe. Today our foreign policy capital is primarily spent on making Pakistan look bad. That is diminishing our abilities to lead on other issues of critical importance to our people. We are inactive and disengaged from the great global conversations of our times. As the world becomes more integrated, India’s representation at global forums acquires greater significance for its people. We have to regain our leadership role to fulfill our commitment to our ideals and to our people.

This is the vision we carry with us. Let it also be known that in building this nation we reach out to the entire Indian Diaspora. It does not matter where you are today, you still carry with you the values that we wish to eternally enshrine in this land of peace and greatness. The nation awaits.


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