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Indo-US Nuclear Deal

Over the past six months, the question of nuclear power as a source of energy has been brought into sharp focus, firstly through the Indo-US nuclear deal in July 2005 and more recently by the escalation of tensions owing to Iran’s nuclear ambitions. The President’s recent visit to India and the formal signing of the nuclear agreement has brought this issue into legislative limelight.

Our efforts are focused on exploring the following questions -

Q. What is the rationale for making civilian nuclear technology exchange a centerpiece of a new Indo-US “strategic” partnership? What does “strategic” really mean? Is it limited only to the security context? If yes, then what is that context? In what other ways can bilateral relations be improved between the two nations?

Q. What impact will this deal have on

  • Nuclear proliferation treaties and regimes.
  • Disarmament efforts.
  • Current context: Iran and North Korea.

Q. Relative importance of Nuclear Energy in the larger energy debate - What do people (citizens groups/scientists/political leaders) in India feel about this deal? Both from an energy perspective and a foreign policy standpoint.

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